Stuffed Trio – baked dumplings


1 kg wheat flour
5 eggs
1 tsp of curry
100 grams  of yeast
a glass of sour cream 18%
400 grams   of baking  margarine
1 single chicken breast
POLAN Mexican mix
POLAN tomato paste
JUST ABOUT DONE POLAN „Buckwheat with soy &mushrooms„
100 g of champignons
1 medium sized onion
3 spoons of butter
POLAN „Spicy carrot salad„
100 grams of grated mozzarella cheese
100 grams of ham (optional)
100 grams of cheese
pumpkin seeds
black pepper and salt
caraway seeds
sesame seeds


1st  stuffing:
Chicken meat cut into small cubes, fry in oil. POLAN « Mexican mix » drain from the brine , add to  chicken with  2 spoons of POLAN “tomato paste” , season to taste,  add grated mozzarella .  Sprinkle  stuffed dumplings with pumpkin seeds roasted on a dry frying pan.

2nd stuffing:
Heat  1 jar of POLAN „ Buckwheat groats with soya and mushrooms „ .On a frying pan, fry the chopped onion in butter, add grated mushrooms, season with salt and pepper. Simmer until the liquid is reduced. Mix with warm POLAN “Buckwheat groats with soya & mushrooms„. Stuff dumplings  Sprinkle with caraway seeds.

3rd stuffing:
Mix 1 jar of POLAN „Spicy carrot salad„ with 100 grams of grated mozzarella, add  ham cut into small cubes, mix. Stuff dumplings. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Preparation of dough for dumplings:
Knead the dough by mixing  flour, margarine,  sour cream, eggs, yeast, curry and a pinch of salt. Roll out to a thickness of about 1 cm, cut out circles of 70-80 mm, spread the stuffing, form dumplings, spread with beaten egg yolk and sprinkle with seeds (pumpkin, sesame, caraway). Bake at 180o C for 20 – 25 minutes (until golden). Serve hot or cold.