Our vegetables

Our main source of vegetables and fruits is the Dabrowa Powiśle, in northeastern Malopolska. It is famous not only for its painted houses in Zalipie, but also for its excellent conditions for growing vegetables, especially cucumbers.

We are already working with some farmers in the third generation, observing with our own eyes how the Polish countryside is developing, becoming more modern, but not forgetting about nature, sustainability, ecology. It is not without reason that all our suppliers of organic vegetables come from our area.

We attach great importance not only to the variety, but also to the location, that is, the soil, sunlight and moisture conditions in which our chosen plantations grow. We have signed long-term contracts with their owners, guaranteeing them a fair profit, certainty of cooperation, and us security of supply and quality of the raw material that goes into our products. Suppliers and suppliers are monitored on an ongoing basis to make sure that what goes into production meets our expectations.

There is no good product without good quality raw material. Hence the great importance we attach to the proper selection of vegetables and their sources. We rejected all kinds of "industrial" varieties, choosing those with the best nutritional qualities. Later, we found experienced farmers who are able to supply the quality of raw materials we desire.